Richard Meier On Prospect Park, The Gallery at 1GAP

    In 2009 a private collector conceived of a gallery space for fellow residents of the Richard Meier building in Brooklyn, On Prospect Park. Through the formation of an Art Committee his vision developed into a participatory in-house art program. By mounting three large exhibitions a year, funded by the residents of the building, this unusual non profit features the work of contemporary New York City artists. Exhibitions fill a series of rooms in the building’s common areas on the ground floor, visible at street level from outside. For the curious passerby, a walk by the glass facades of the building reveals a full view of the dynamic conversation between Meier’s architectural design, the contemporary art on view, and the vibrant city and park life just beyond the glass.

    The Gallery at 1GAP engages with an extended community of art enthusiasts by opening its doors for artist receptions, artist conversations, and special events, with the goal of contributing to the creative culture and energy of Brooklyn.

    Please contact
  • Curator Suzy Spence for more information.