Linda Ferguson, The Living Room

October 2013, Cathouse FUNeral, 260 Richardson St., Brooklyn


Linda King Ferguson’s paintings demonstrate the constant duality between figure and ground. By treating both sides of the canvas she assigns equal importance to the visible and the hidden. She often slices and pulls back the painted canvas, quarrying sizeable holes in her surfaces. These stark and formal absences recall the clean force of a shotgun wound, or the flat, hard-edged shape of flower petals peeled from a vacant center. As a precisionist influenced by forms relating to music and architecture, Ferguson surveys every corner of her ground before meticulously applying layers of stained acrylic and spray paint. The works included in The Living Room contrast black, soft pink, acidic yellow and green, and somehow appear as organic as they do technologically regulated.

Cathouse FUNeral is located in the viewing rooms of a grand, former funeral home. In this spirit, or to counter it, its owner David Dixon attempts to revive the ossified art object through new life and sociability.

image description

Linda King Ferguson, With and Between 1, acrylic on paper on canvas, 20x21", 2012


image description

Linda King Ferguson, Equivalence 2, acrylic, water based stain, and cut linen, 28x28" 2013